Website Change Monitoring for the SEO Professional

Put your best SEO foot forward.

Definico crawls your website each day and pretends to be a Search Engine’s bot. It crawls through your site to make sure your website is indexable at all times and reports what the Search Engines see. It helps serious SEO professionals make sure that a website’s SEO is perfect at all times.

Top reasons why SEO professionals need Definico


    1. React before the search engines do.
      It is remarkably easy to introduce an SEO “bug” that can catastrophically break SEO. We’ve heard stories of developers accidentally putting in a no-index rule in the robots.txt file; or orphaning an entire part of the website by editing menus. If you are managing a significant website, you need to know before the search engines remove you from its index. Definico is your last line of SEO defence.

    2. Thorough and accurate monitoring.
      Pick up SEO problems you might not discover simply by using a browser’s “inspect HTML code”. Definico detects changes in HTML as well as server changes.
    3. Make sure your website is available at all times.
      Your website can be pinged at all times so you know if your website is down (or your webserver has crashed). While its down, your site can’t be crawled and being down for extended periods of time means that you run the risk of being de-indexed.
    4. Crawls your website in a top-down fashion.
      Definico crawls through your website starting from the homepage, identifying pages that receive the most “link juice” and prioritises changes it detects. This means that it can detect malicious changes without being told.
    5. VIP (Very important Pages)
      Some pages on your website are very very very important to have right at all times. Some common examples include landing pages, campaigns, calculators & tools, conversion pages & ecommerce pages. You can tell Definico which pages these are and set your own alert levels. Be confident that Definico is always watching.
    6. Timely alerts.
      Definico tells you the moment it detects high impact changes and blocks out the low impact ones. So even if you are managing a website with millions of pages, it knows exactly when to let you know of a potential threat. You can also customise who receives these alerts and when. (we recommend clueing the developers in!)
    7. A complete history of changes.
      From the day you start your tracking, Definico stores a copy of your website code to allow you to compare changes. So if you notice rank or traffic changes, you can go back to view and compare the last major change. You might find something interesting there! No more arguing with developers if something was changed, you have proof at your fingertips.
    8. SEO Recommendations.
      Definico also gives you advice on how to deal with some of the issues it may detect and give you ideas on how to best deal with these issues. (Yes you SEO pros already know, but this is important for those who aren’t as experienced!)