Definico for Digital Agencies

Don’t be the last to know

Definico was developed by a Digital Agency with other Digital Agencies in mind. Its simply embarrassing when a client discovers a problem or has made changes to their website and you are the last to know.

Top reasons why Digital Agencies need Definico

  1. Be Mr. Know-it-all (or Mrs.)
    Definico lets you know if any of your client’s websites have been changed. It detects if pages have been deleted, added or altered and points you at the significant ones. There is nothing more satisfying than to be the first to tell a client, “Hey I think your new page is great!”, or “I think your developers might have broken your SEO”.
  2. Its all about your client.
    Imagine if you could contact your client every time you notice a change on their site. Nothing says “customer service” more than fast and timely contact. Project the image that you’re always watching their site and there is nothing more important!
  3. Best SEO and PPC practice at all times
    Clients are getting more demanding and in today’s world, digital agencies are expected to get the basics right. Minimise the number of times your client says, “But I expected you to get that right”. With Definico, you can ensure that SEO is right and that your PPC bidding is accurate at all times.
  4. Offer a revenue generating service
    Charge a fee for a service to monitor and track your clients’ websites. Customers are more than happy to pay a fee for an agency to monitor and review the alerts that are raised by Definico.
  5. Competitor monitoring.
    Switch Definico on your client’s competitor websites. Be the first to tell your client that their competitor has introduced a new service or product. Imagine being able to say “I noticed that your competitor has introduced a new pricing calculator today. I think its a good idea that we should expand on!”
  6. Client Dashboard / Multi client account.
    View all your clients in one single location. Definico automatically prioritises note-worthy changes so you can make decisions if you need to take action.
  7. Timely alerts.
    Definico tells you the moment it detects changes in your tags. So even if you are managing a website with millions of pages, it knows exactly when to let you know of a potential threat. You can also customise who receives these alerts and when. (we recommend clueing the developers in!)
  8. A complete history of changes.
    From the day you start your tracking, Definico stores a copy of client’s website code and traffic tags to allow you to compare changes. So if you notice rank or traffic changes, you can go back to view and compare the last major change. Show your client how changes to their website has affected their traffic, conversion rates and sales.
  9. Agency only pricing
    Apply for an Agency / Multi-client account today to receive agency only pricing and benefits.

Apply for a multi-client / agency account today

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