PPC Professionals: Tag Tracking & Monitoring

No more broken traffic and conversion tags

Each time an analytics vendor tells you to install a traffic tag, you cringe! First you need the tags to be installed correctly, then mysteriously these tags break all the time. Definico helps you detect if your tags have been altered so you can respond immediately.

Top reasons why PPC professionals need Definico

  1. Accurate Tags… Always
    Definico monitors your tags to make sure it has not been altered. It detects if the tags have been changed, duplicated or deleted so you can trouble shoot problem pages immediately. Definico monitors both Traffic and Conversion tags. It discovers all your pages from your menus automatically so you can be confident that your tags are being watched!
  2. Accurate Bidding & Reporting… Finally!
    If your traffic tags and conversion tags have been deleted or duplicated, then your analytics could be blown out. This means that you can end up cancelling keywords that are working, or even increase your budgets on keywords that aren’t. If you are utilising automated bidding software, the problem can be exasperated and you can end up blowing your budget very quickly. Definico makes sure you have accurate data for your decision making.
  3. Multiple Analytics Vendors, multi-purpose.
    Definico tracks a huge range of tags (See the growing list below) from leading vendors. It tracks traffic tags, conversion tags, campaign tags, remarketing tags as well as EDM and Display tags. (Also if you can’t find the tag you want to track on our list, let us know and we’ll put it in just for you.)
  4. VIP (Very important pages)
    Some pages are very important to monitor: Landing pages, campaign pages, conversion pages and more. You can tell Definico which pages these are and set your own alert levels. Be confident that Definico is always watching.
  5. Timely alerts.
    Definico tells you the moment it detects changes in your tags. So even if you are managing a website with millions of pages, it knows exactly when to let you know of a potential threat. You can also customise who receives these alerts and when. (we recommend clueing the developers in!)
  6. A complete history of changes.
    From the day you start your tracking, Definico stores a copy of your website code and traffic tags to allow you to compare changes. So if you notice rank or traffic changes, you can go back to view and compare the last major change. If your tags have been “broken” you can work out from the changes it detected on how long it has been broken for so that you can adjust your statistics.