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Well, in line with our latest Definico release and our increased emphasis on website monitoring and best practices, we’re looking for great case studies of things Definico has helped you with. Definico has managed to pick up all sorts of weird and wonderful things over the last year and we’d love to share these stories with the community… SO…

Submit a story (it can be funny or serious… we don’t care how you write it so long as its REAL) about a website you’ve been managing:

a) the problem that Definico picked up (how it happened etc)

b) what could have happened if it wasn’t detected

c) The website, Your Name, Job Title & Contact Details.

and submit it to

If we like your story, we’ll publish them on our website with a link to your social media profiles and your website.


1) You must promise that your story is REAL. REAL Website, you really manage it… you are a real person.

2) Entries must be received by 1/November/2014

3) If you submit your story, you authorise us to use your story any way we like (We can make editorial changes and publish it anywhere, through any medium we want). If we’re not allowed to, then your entry doesn’t count!

4) We reserve the right to select winners on any basis we want and do any silly thing that we wish to do in regards to the “2014 Story Search”. (Though we will probably look for a story-telling element)

5) This is supposed to be fun, so we reserve the right to alter terms and conditions of this competition as we go (to keep things fair)

6) We will post up winners, worthy mentions and prizes given away, somewhere here on the website.


Prize Pool

1 x AUD $1000 travel voucher

2 x AUD $250 travel vouchers

10 x AUD $50 travel vouchers

We choose who gets which voucher based on our favourite submissions!


Definico Admin

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