A new release of Definico is coming

A new version of Definico

Some of you would have heard that we’ve been furiously working on a new and improved version of Definico. Well, we can now reveal that a new version (bugs and all) will be out for commercial use from the 1st of September 2014! We’ve been working hard over the last year refining our logic and processes to give you something you’ve been asking for. This post will cover some of the new features we’re rolling out and sadly some features that we’re removing.

Lets start with the cool stuff:

New Features & Improvements

  • Definico now monitors your website for changes that can impact your PPC management too. We find that most Search professionals are having trouble managing their Google Analytics code (and a whole bunch of non-Google ones) as well as conversion tracking codes. So now we are tracking if any of your analytics or conversion codes change (and might break).
  • We’re now considering Volume of Change as a potential indicator that a significant change has occurred. So if you change tons of pages on your website at the same time, Definico picks this up and lets you know.
  • The new and improved Website Availability Monitor scans your website every 5 minutes now so you can be more confident in its monitoring.
  • We’ve released a multi-website account for Digital Marketing Agencies / Consultants or for people who simply manage a ton of websites, so you can quickly see major changes across your portfolio of websites.
  • Speed and Performance updates. OK lets keep this real, its a batch of performance updates that should work quite nicely, but with the amount of data that Definico stores, we’re going to have to keep working on performance. Bear with us and let us know if you are having struggles with it.
  • Fully Responsive. You should now be able to log in to Definico on your phone. So you can monitor your website while on the GO.
  • A nice new Dashboard with fancy dials and graphs.
  • We’ve made some improvements to the data that Definico collects and how it presents it to you, so you can make more sense of it quickly.
  • More pricing options. YAY, you now get a free trial and introductory packages made for smaller websites.

Stuff we took away

Sad but true, some things in Definico have been retired.

  • Some of you have gotten used to the Competitor Watchdog facility, sadly this is going to be discontinued. Competitor Watchdog is too resource intensive to run reliably and a cow to keep improving. It was introduced in our BETA to see if it would be viable to offer, and while its still a great idea, we’ve decided to shelf it for now.
  • Rank Tracking. We’ve discontinued Rank Tracking as its making less and less sense to track SERP results. (and honestly, its not ranks you really need, it’s traffic, engagement and conversion).

Well that’s the brief summary of changes we’re releasing with our new version of Definico.

More posts to come on product updates.

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