Better Change Analytics – Activity Logs

Making sense of Definico’s Activity Logs.

Definico watches your website and marks all the changes it discovers. To view all the changes, you need to view the “Activity Logs”. You’ll find these pretty much throughout the site.

The Activity Log represents all the changes that Definico has picked up, so if you changed some texts on your site, or blatted away an URL, it should all show in the Activity Log. What Definico does is it tries to order the logs to separate the higher risk ones (RED and ORANGE) from the lower risk ones (YELLOW and ORANGE). We’ve got a little handy dandy tool tip that tries to explain why we picked it up but its not easy to make sense of all of them. So here is a quick cheat sheet for you on what to do if you see an alert:

  • If you see a RED or an ORANGE Alert, it doesn’t automatically mean that your website is in trouble. It means that “something has changed” and “It could have a big impact”. An example of a high risk change might be if you changed your Robots.txt file… or if your home page was completely changed. It doesn’t mean that your Robots.txt file was changed incorrectly, or that the home-page change was WRONG. It just suggests that it has been changed in a way that *could* have a significant impact.
  • We’re putting together a series of examples of change activities and what it could mean to you and hopefully over time this list will keep growing. So do a search on Definico to see if someone has encountered that change and join in the discussion.
  • As a general rule of thumb, SEO changes that involve URLs being removed or redirected are major ones to address. For SEO purposes, the URLs on your website IS the asset you need to protect, so if you have gone ahead and changed your URL structure, this needs to be managed properly.
  • Another good rule is that your Analytics Code (for example Google Analytics) should be present on all your pages and¬†NOT duplicated. So If any of those situations are detected, you should probably do something about it too.
  • If you’re not expecting any changes to have happened on your website and you suddenly detect a change…. that is a VERY good reason to review what had changed. You need to determine that a your website hadn’t been maliciously attacked or for some reason randomly changed.
  • You could have also received a RED or ORANGE change if you have set your Code Trackers (both Global and VIP) to raise RED or ORANGE alerts. So drill down into the change logs and see if it makes any sense.
  • All else fails you have 2 options, 1) Ask us? we might be able to point you at an article that explains your situation or point you at a community member that has run into this problem before. 2) Pop the question on one of our many social media channels… someone in the community might help.

Customising Alert Levels and Notifications

  • Don’t forget, you can customise how often you receive your notifications. So if you don’t want to see every Green level activity¬†, you don’t have to.
  • You also have the ability to use VIP to set custom alert levels for your VERY IMPORTANT PAGES (VIP). You can set custom code trackers and notification levels on your VIP pages.


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