Why Monitor your website with Definico?


Website down?

Well that’s annoying. What’s even more annoying is if you had no idea it happened! A website that’s down cant be crawled (and indexed by search engines); it can’t convert or make sales… heck its pretty useless really. Definico can’t bring a dead website back to life BUT, it can monitor your website every 5 minutes (or so) and alert you if it couldn’t be reached… even in the middle of the night.


SEO Change Monitoring

Each time you change your website, you’re introducing SEO risks. Simple stuff like renaming a product category or renaming your menu can break your SEO. We’ve seen accidental 302 redirects, or updating the website to a previous version that removes all the SEO work that has been done. Even surprise robots.txt changes happen from time to time. With Definico, you know each time your website was changed and it lets you know if there are any high risks… so now you can fix your SEO before the crawlers visit your website.


Analytics and Conversions

Its tough to make good decisions on bad data! Definico helps you monitor the Analytic code you’ve installed on your website and it lets you know the moment they change. No more “accidentally” removing the analytics code (or duplicating them). Definico can also monitor your landing pages and your conversion codes so you can be sure your traffic pipeline data is accurate!


Track all code changes

Definico keeps a log of every change that happens to your website and it automatically separates the big changes from the little ones. Change a line of code somewhere and Definico will pick it up and record it so you can drill down and review it. No more “when did this change happen?” and “I didn’t change it!”.


Definico Demonstration Videos

SEO Change Monitoring with Definico

How to Monitor you URLs and Landing Pages. No more dropped URLs.

The new Definico Dashboard (BETA)

Monitoring Google Analytics and Adwords Tags

Features for the SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing Agency



Who is using Definico?


Definico for
the SEO Professional

Definico was built for the SEO professional, by SEO professionals. With Definico you will be notified of every change on your website that could affect rankings and index-ability. (is that even a word?) Click here to read more.

Definico for
the PPC Professional

 PPC professionals need to know that all the traffic and conversion tags work perfectly. You need good data to make good decisions! To read more about the features we put together for the PPC Professional, click here.

Definico for
the Digital Agency

Agencies need a way to keep on top of all their clients, a way to know that all the websites the manage are safe from harm and delivering campaign ROI. Read why you need Definico if you run a Search or a Digital Marketing Agency here.